The female klapa Castrum Vallis

The female klapa Castrum Vallis from Bale has started its activity on 05.05.2012 and is formed by 10 members. The klapa members have previously sung in various profane and religious choirs, and this very great love for music, musical expression, and singing have been the reasons for forming the klapa.
Regular singing trials and exercises under expert guidance have brought very good artistic results very fast, so the klapa has performed in various shows. During 2013, the klapa performed on the occasion of the opening of the Castrum Vallis International Exhibition in Bale, and as a guest at the concert of the Klapa Opatija, as well as at the Christmas concert in Rovinj's multimedia center and in the Christmas Concert in Bale.
In 2014, The Klapa participated in the ''Klape of Istria and Kvarner'' competition in Buzet, and at the 41st Festival of ''the Senj Klape Festival'' in Senj where the klapa opened the festival with a very good interpretation. During the summer months, the klapa also performed at the opening of the 50th anniversary of the 'Castrum Vallis' International Exhibition, at the opening of the International Cactus Exhibition' Cactus Day' and performed in a small concert for the opening of Days of the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Bale.
Great enthusiasm and love for singing gives us an incentive to become even better and more recognizable in our development.

The members of the klapa are:
FIRST SOPRANO: Anita Lordanić (vice-president)
SECOND SOPRANES: Sanja Vratović (secretary), Lara Giorgi, Tanja Banko
FIRST ALTS:Smiljana Kraljić, Lolita Galović, Ivana Djedović
SECOND ALTS: Jasna Volarević-Ibrić (president), Ljiljana Dellabernardina, Irena Baričević

Danijel Dražić

Mister Danijel Dražić was born in Brodski Stupnik. he attended an elementary school in Slavonski Brod, he graduated from a high school in Osijek, he has also finished the Academy of Music in pula as a music teacher. 

In addition to the "Castrum Vallis" female klapa, Mr. Danijel Dražić also directs the male klapa Valdibora from Rovinj. He also directs the "Franjo Glavinić" choirs from Rovinj and "Nota Bene" from Motovun. He is also artistic director of the Music Laboratory in Rovinj

Part of the history

Irena Turkovic, conductor and music teacher, was born in Pula where she studied music education at the Pedagogical Academy.
Since 1979 she has been working as a teacher of musical culture and conductor of choir of elementary school Juraj Dobrila in Rovinj. She has specialized in numerous seminars and has completed the Choir School at the Zagreb Academy under the guidance of Branko Starc.
From 2012 until the end of 2014 she was the artistic director of the female klapa Castrum Vallis from Bale.